What We Do

Mechel’s power segment produces electricity and heat both to satisfy the needs of the Group’s facilities and for sale on the free market.

The Group’s power assets are under the administration of Mechel-Energo OOO.

Mechel-Energo’s subsidiaries and branches produce electricity, power, heat in hot water and steam, blast-furnace air, fresh service water, chemically purified water and compressed air. They also offer services in resale of energy resources and act as agents in electric power transmission.

thousand kWh of electricity generated in 2020
Gcal of heat generated in 2020

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Other subsidiaries and branches of Mechel-Energo: mechel-energo.ru/power_division/

Due to the nature of its operations, Mechel-Energo is a key factor for uninterrupted and efficient energy supply of Mechel’s production facilities.